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Motorized screen with upwards unrolling system

Innovative motorized screen with upwards unrolling system, self standing, suitable for attics installation and rooms with skewed ceiling; buildings of historical and architectural relevance and anywhere it’s impossible to drill holes in the wall or ceiling; theatres, cinemas and stages; yachts and boats; renting or service equipment.

Technical Specifications

Ratio Video 4:3, HDTV 16:9
Borders Projection screen with or without 5 cm perimetrical black borders and variable bottom black drop depending on the projection format
Motor Opening of the projection screen by robust alluminium lifting arms and gas pistons, while the closure is controlled by a silent and powerful electric motor
Installation COBRA screen is a self standing structure. Supply with adjustable feet suitable to adapt to not perfectly even floors; it can be fixed to the floor with suitable dowels. Depending on the installation it is possible to create suitable mounting structures or it can be embedded in to the floor.
Certifications CE
Warranty 12 months as per conditions indicated to the instruction manual, 60 months on the mechanical parts (engine included)
Accessory (not included) Radio remote control or radio remote receiver integrated in the electric motor and transmitter

Technical Specifications





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