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New HELGI solution for collaboration in meeting rooms at ISE 2018

HELGI Collaboration is the perfect solution for any collaborative, videoconferencing-based working environment. HELGI Collaboration makes any operation easy thanks to a Windows 10 launcher meant to work seamlessy with HELGI IFPs (Interactive Flat Panels).  Based on Windows 10, the launcher is totally customizable by the administrator to show only the applications needed by the end users, […]

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Full Learning System

Educational solutions Natural learning is based on experience as discovery of the world. In both the analogue and digital world, playing is the most effective way to gain experiences and, therefore, to learn. That’s why new teaching technologies focus their features on creating experiences recreational and educational at the same time. It’s the principle of […]

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Interactive Smart System

Business solutions Interactive displays are not only a simple and impactful tool for presenting and sharing information, but also an instrument performing complex tasks with a few simple gestures from the user. HELGI Europe merged the state-of-the-art technology of interactive displays with a full array of innovative, exclusive services. This system introduces whole-new possibilities for […]

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